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Established in 1986. Providing outdoor fun at an excellent value ever since.

Hillview Golf Opened In the fall of 1986...

A  fast playing  18 hole golf  course with short but challenging holes.  At par 56, only two of  Hillview’s fairways rate par four, but this does not mean  golfers will have an  easy time here for this is no chip and putt. Eight ponds  (connected by a  wandering stream) plus several sandtraps are in play over the  course’s 3300  yards, making this a target golf course where accuracy is  paramount.   Golfers are advised to pack a full complement of golf clubs before stepping  foot on  the course, as some of its holes will require use of your woods. Four  of Hillview’s  par threes measure in at 190 yards or over, including Hillview’s  finishing hole which  is 225 yards long. Here, the most challenging hole, the  course’s creek runs  immediately in front of the green, and two of the ponds lie  off the green’s right side.